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Issues with online study

I’ve just uploaded my study to pavlovia to run via prolific but it doesn’t seem to be running as it does via builder.

I’ve encountered the following issues so far:

  1. The text seems slightly blurred (edit: only on my macbook, when I run it displaying on my monitor it’s clear)
  2. My slider tool isn’t appearing on the screen, only the text above and below it
  3. On the 4th routine participants have to type their age and then press the spacebar to continue, but the spacebar isn’t allowing me to continue.

I’ve double checked the file and it’s all still running as normal via builder

I’m not sure if this will work but here’s the url:

I’d be extremely grateful for any help.


Have you looked at my crib sheet for help with the auto translation?

Best wishes,


I haven’t! I’ll take a look now - thank you.