An experiment that runs in builder on Pavlovia prints initialising...and is stuck

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:
I have written an experiment using builder and it runs successfully. It use to work in Pavlovia too. But recently I added some code sections and variables. So I wonder if there is something wrong with how I am initialising and passing variables?
I know this is a topic that comes up a lot and I have read through these posts to see if I they help .

[ I also have read Creating online studies from Builder — and the crib sheet is here [PsychoPy Python to Javascript crib sheet -]

Any help or pointers gratefully received.


Do you use the Builder and the auto-translate function?

Best wishes Jensd

Jensd thanks for reply
Yes I created the experiment in builder and it appears to work fine there and originally
worked on Pavlovia. But I’ve added new functionality including some Code modules
and it now only works on builder.
In answer to your question I have selected the option in the Code module to Auto->JS.

The general theme of the other posts on initialising… problems seemed to be something wrong with the JS generated.

I am a noob with Psychopy and pavlovia so it is highly likely I am missing the obvious.
Is my code /experiment visible?
Kind regards


If you are using Auto - JS you are basically okay. Check the code-components that you created for a syntax error on the JavaScript side and correct it :smile:

It could also be that the autotranslated code does not work. The autotranslation is not 100% perfect. Check the crib sheet by @wakecarter PsychoPy Python to Javascript crib sheet 2021 - Google Docs for manual edits.

Best wishes Jens

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I have now fixed the problem and my experiment is now running on Pavlovia.
Thanks for your help