Issue displaying Thai characters

Hi all,

I’m currently translating an experiment I programmed in English into Thai. When using visual.TextStim(), the text u"วลีที่ต้องแปล" doesn’t render quite properly. All but the character before last () displays (no error is thrown).

I have tried changing fonts, and sometimes other characters cause problems, but at no point can I get all of the characters to display properly.

Any ideas?


Note: If I insert a space before the troublesome character, it will render, but of course with the space (that I don’t want) inserted before. Could this have something to do with the way the characters overlap each other?

I have the same problem.
I had a similar issue with Chinese characters, which was resolved by changing the font type from Arial to Songti SC. I have been playing around with font types for the Thai task, but so far haven’t managed to fix it. If you do, please post which font works.

Still no luck, despite trying a dozen typefaces. I’ve had to settle by changing my TextStims into ImageStims that I pregenerate. Inelegant, but I’ve yet to find a better way.