Displaying Thai stimuli - higher vertical glyph issue


I’m having difficulties displaying Thai stimuli using PsychoPy. I’ve had this issue in the past but managed to find a solution but the same solution doesn’t appear to be working for me now.

I’m using Mac OS and PsychoPy 2022-2.5

I’m using Beta textboxes to display single word stimuli (regular textboxes don’t display Thai characters properly).

Sarabun font - common font used with Thai. I’ve tried a few others but there wasn’t any difference.

I’m having difficult to see stimuli clearly where there is a double marker above the letter (Thai has vowels and tone diacritics above some words). PsychoPy seems ok with vowels above letters (single item) but when I have two glyphs above the letter, the highest glyph appears behind the lower one.

I’ve played around with all of the textbox Beta parameters and tried different fonts but to no avail.

Any suggestions?


See attached image