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ISI preventing stimulus presentation on pavlovia

Hey everyone!

I’ve programmed a sound induced flash illusion experiment in PsychoPy that works perfectly fine on my laptop through PsychoPy itself. I have it set up where participants record their responses (the number of visual flashes they see, from 1-4) which forces the end of the routine and moves on to the next stimulus (which consists of the flashing of a white ring and a beep). When the next routine begins/the next stimulus is presented, I have added a 1 second ISI at the beginning of the routine so that participants have a little time after recording their responses before they observe the next set of stimuli.

However, whenever I add an ISI at the beginning of the next routine, the white ring does not flash or appear at all. Notably, this is only the case when the experiment is ported onto pavlovia, and there is no problem with the experiment when run through PsychoPy.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you so much!

The ISI component doesn’t work online. I use a blank text element (a space not entirely empty) instead.

Oh I see, I was having trouble with the ISI component earlier too, so I never used it.

I haven’t been using an ISI component, but just a blank screen with a fixation cross as the ISI (which needs to be present for the duration of the experiment).