ISI no longer working online?

I’ve got an experiment which has an ISI of duration $thisDelay written in 2020.1.3. The variable was set to either 0 or 10. The code worked when I wrote it but stopped working at some point over the summer. I’ve been debugging it, focusing on an issue with the variable and I’ve updated to 2020.2.3. However, I can’t find the ISI component in the JavaScript. I’ve therefore fixed the issue by replacing the ISI with a blank text component of the same duration, which works fine.

Has anyone else experienced issues with Pavlovia experiments containing ISIs, especially ones of variable duration?

Hi @wakecarter do you know if this is resolved? In my experiment that is on Pavlovia I too have refrained from including ISIs and have rather included a pause of .5 at the beginning of each routine.

I tried it in 2020.2.5 with no luck but I have now brought it to the attention of the team.

Thanks. My experiment is running in 2.4 (thanks to your great use of the Idx variable) but am still wondering if I should updated to 2.5 before my experiment’s start date. I guess there is not a reason to?

Probably don’t bother moving to 2020.2.5 unless you think you’re affected by one of the issues in the changelog.

Thanks. Yeah it is working fine. The only thing is that some of my audio components at the beginning of the routines sometimes get cut off. This only happens rarely. As I am not interested in reaction time, this is not a huge issue.

This is still a problem for me now/slightly different.

I am having jittering a blank stimulus interval used to pre-load a subsequent stimulus which also varies in duration. It works fine locally and I could swear it was working fine a week ago but when I tested the experiment today the subsequent image does not display and instead the blank period is longer. I collected data for 42 participants on this and now I don’t know what they saw :frowning:

Finding this to still be an issue. Is/was there a fix or workaround?