Is there a way to use code component to not capture data in output?

Hi there i am running a practice trial at the start of my study, but i don’t wish the results to be included in the output.

Further on in the study i have used - psychoJS.experiment.addData - to add data for onset timings in pavlovia, i was wondering if there was any way some sort of opposite code could be used to single out fields to not be captured in the data output?

Long shot i know but hopefully someone here will be able to assist :slight_smile:


Most components which output data will have a “Data” tab with tickboxes to choose what data is outputted, this should do what you’re looking for

Thank you @TParsons i have unticked these elements in Psychopy builder but when the experiment is uploaded online, it does not carry that forwards and outputs everything again. So where i have specified addData in code components to show additional data in the online experiment, i was wondering if there is the same thing to not show data in the output.

Try de-selecting “Is trials” from the loop around your practice trials.

i have tried this and committed it to pavlovia and these elements still show in the output :frowning: