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Is Pavlovia not working?

Is the Pavlovia website down right now? Every time I try to pilot my experiment, it lets me click ‘okay’ for the participant ID, but then the dialogue box won’t go away and it freezes. When I try to exit the pilot tab, all of the Pavlovia tabs ( I have my dashboard, experiment, and code tabs open) have that loading circle, my computer sounds like a plane about to take off, and sometimes the browser will have a popup saying the website isn’t responding and prompts me to close it. All of my other tabs are working fine and my internet is also good. I assumed that the site was down, but this started happening out-of-nowhere on Friday (it’s Sunday) and others have been posting normal questions in the forum, which makes it seem like it’s working for everyone else. So is the site down or is something wonky in my code making the whole site freeze for me?? Yes, I’ve tried turning it off and back on again.