IS it possible to make an interactive pie chart by Psychopy?

I want to make an interactive pie chart by Psychopy which participants can choose how many percent they want by dragging the pie chart.
like this url :
if it’s not possible, am I able to let participants fill in numbers in the textbox and update the pie chart like the above url does?
Sorry I’m new to Python and PsychoPy so I don’t have any idea how to make this work, if there is any package or better program to do this please let me know, thanks!

I’m tempted to make a demo for this.

Since I believe shapes can’t be changed once created, I’d create 100 wedge shaped polygons and then dynamically change their colour based on the sliders.

Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to the demo!

The first draft is now up.

My plan is to allow you to click on a segment to make it active and then have the single slider change that segment (with other segments being increased or decreased in proportion). The current segment could also be deleted or a new segment added, possibly by selecting the desired colour from a panel.

Hey wake thanks so much for the really great demo.

Given the complications that arise from it being interactive i had a hard time understanding how to modify the code in builder so that i pre-set the values of the pie chart (without it being interactive) ]

Could you point me to the essential changes that needs to be made (beside for removing the slider) so that i can pre-set the probabilitities but so that it looks exactly the same?

thanks in advance