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Visual Analog Scale Custom

Hi, I’m interested in making an experiment that uses a custom visual analog scale. This might be beyond the capabilities of psychopy, but posting in case it’s not and someone might point me in the right direction to achieve this (or something similar)!

Below is a picture of something like what the scale might look like. Much of the details are non-essential (e.g. color) but the primary goal would be a slider that changes the number of people (or other icon) on each side in proportion to the the other side (as in, there may be 100 icons total, sliding one side to 90 means the other side will have 10).


I could definitely write something like that, especially if it didn’t need to work online (though that would also be possible)

It would very likely have to be online unfortunately :confused:

Glad to hear it’s possible! Would you mind sharing any suggestions on getting started writing something like this in psychopy? I’m not sure where to start with this one.

I’d create two grids of 100 coordinates, one for each set of people, and randomise their orders and fill them with people (50% men 50% women again randomised)

I’d create a polygon for the arrow and based on it’s position set autodraw on or off for the people who need to change.