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Is it possible to get stable sample rate other than 60?

Hi !

I am using psychopy together with eyelink tracker. And the experiment is supposed to adjust to user’s eye data on the go and make decisions based on pupil data.

The question: Eyelink is able to deliver up to 2000 samples per sec. Is it somehow possible to do the same using Python and Psychopy and store fx 500 samples per sec to array? Currently I am able to get stable 60 (simply storing on each win.flip()) or get a varied rate that can range from 200 to 2000 (no idea why though).

Do you think or have you had any experience getting stable sampling rate within Psychopy itself?


just out of curiosity. Any particular reason why you don’t use the experiment builder from sr-research?

Could the stable 60 Hz be related to your screen refresh rate?

Best wishes Jens

Hi !
Im not sure it has the same flexibility as Python provides.

60hz are indeed screen based, if I return a sample on window flip


what happens if you increase the monitor refresh rate if that possible with your monitor?

Well, I found the experiment builder rather flexible and a very good support forum.

Best wishes Jens