Is it possible to design a between-subject experiment in PsychoPy with no knowledge in R or Python?

Dear all,

I am going to collect data for a 2*2 factorial experiment. I am looking for options to randomize 4 visual stimuli before showing the questionnaire to the participants. So, the experiment is simple by nature. However, I have no knowledge on coding with R and Python or any other programming languages.

I would be really grateful if you let me know whether or not I will be able to design the experiment in PsychoPy. Since the experiment is simple, introducing other easy-to-use software is appreciated.


Yes-ish. There are ways to do it without code but they aren’t necessarily easier than using a very small amount of code to achieve the same thing. If the study is specifically for running online and it’s questionnaire-based, Qualtrics might be slightly easier, but it depends how much control you want over the stimulus presentation.