Iowa Gambling Task PsychoPy *struggling student*

currently trying to make the iowa gambling task in PsychoPy v. 2022.2.5. i have got to a point where i have my introduction screen, instructions and 4 cards that respond individually to clicks, but i have now got stuck. i have the file that gives values to each card but just need help assigning these values to the cards, generating a counter of winnings as you go along and a demographics form. i have assigned the file to the loop but have now ended up lost.

thanks! (attached screenshots of my study so far and the excel file!)

Decks.xlsx (10.3 KB)

Is this task similar to the one you’re currently building IOWA_Gambling_4Choice_H [PsychoPy]?

If so, you can take a look at their experiment files to see how they set it up here

it is! its exactly what I need to do but it won’t load on my psychopy…could it be due to a different version? I downloaded all the files and they’re all in the same folder it just won’t open for me

this is just what comes up…

how can this be solved?

Are you on a Mac? How did you open the file - double clicking on it?

Have you tried dragging the file onto the app to open or through File > Open

Unfortunately, I couldn’t replicate this error on my end. I’m currently on the latest version of PsychoPy 2023.1.2 so there may be a difference in version but I suspect that it shouldn’t be the case

I have tried opening in every possible way and im on the version they recommend for Mac. not sure why I can’t open it. thanks anyway


have you figured out how to give each cards the values? I too am struggling with this and will appreciate the help!

I used an excel file which already gave them values!