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Name Error: USBbox is not defined

To preface, I downloaded the standalone PsychoPy v1.85.6 and am running it on 64-bit windows 10.

One of my colleagues and I are trying to use PsychoPy for our task-based fMRI studies, we both have our tasks coded and working with keyboard responses, however, we are both having issues using the ioLabs module.

When using the demo script, both of us get this error:

I thought it was an issue with the ioLabs module not downloaded in the standalone version so I tried downloading the ioLabs module separately from this website:

However, I am unable to run the .exe file after downloading and unzipping the windows file in the link.

My colleague also said he is having the same error displayed above even with the ioLabs module downloaded onto his python2.7 but he is running this on a Mac OS.

Thanks in advance!