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Iohub wintab - finding the tablet

From what I can tell, getting iohub up and going and talking to the wintab device is what I’m going to need to get our Windows touch screens being recorded. Tapping the screen in several libraries acts as mouse clicks, but not so in PsychoPy2. (FWIW, I can register drags on the screen just fine – but not taps).

I’ve tried a few variants on getting to the wintab device based on existing code and looking at the PsychoPy source, but to no avail. I never seem to be able to find the tablet device. Am I barking up the wrong tree? If not, how can I find the device? Once I’ve found it, I’m confident I’ll be able to talk to it.

kwargs = {'psychopy_monitor_name':'default', 'wintab.WintabTablet':'tablet'}
#kwargs = {'psychopy_monitor_name':'default', 'wintab.WintabTablet':{}}
print('Launching iohub')
io = launchHubServer(**kwargs)
print('Looking for tablet')
#tablet = io.getDevice('tablet')