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Iohub Doesn't Work When There's A Fullscreen Window?

It’s really weird, whenever I have a window open where fullscr=True, I get
"Error starting ioHub server: ioHub startup timed out. iohub Server startup Failed. startup_read:"
if I attempt to call iohub.launchHubServer(). However when my window is not in fullscreen, I don’t get that error


Would love to help, but need more info. Can you please share:

  1. Operating system
  2. Psychopy version
  3. Some or all of your code that’s throwing this issue

I’ve never encountered a bug like that on windows or mac, so I’m quite curious as to what’s happening!

Darwin Kernel Version 15.2.0 (it’s a Mac)
PsychoPy2 v1.85.1
It originally showed up on my code but later on I did all my experiments on the keyboard demo that is in the psychopy demo folder, all I did was moving the iohub initialization after the initialization of the window object, and added fullscr=True in the window object initialization

What if you try initializing iohub before creating the window? I’ve found that iohub can get tetchy if it’s not the first thing that happens in your code. You might also try creating a sort of “fixed window”: Manually set the dimensions to the resolution of your screen and set GUI=False. It’s just like fullscreen but without invoking the OS’s fullscreen mode, which might be what’s causing the issue.

EDIT: just remembered that on mac it will leave the title-bar in place if you try to make a fixed window. Bother! Well, try initializing iohub first anyways and if that doesn’t do it I’m honestly not sure.

yes, initializing iohub before creating the window works. that’s my solution for now