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Introducing Todd Parsons

Welcome to our new member of staff, @TParsons .

Todd is funded for the next year from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative grant and will be working on the Python code, both the application, the Python library, and the outputs of the Builder to create the JS and Python scripts. Basically, he will be working to create a smoother experience for users.

We’re very excited to have him on board!



good news !

it would be a great UI improvement in my view if the code components remembered their Auto/Both/… status…

Thanks and keep on the good work :slight_smile:


Hi Alain, thanks for the welcome.

That was actually my first task! I submitted a pull request with a (tentative) fix yesterday, although I think someone had already solved most of it.


Welcome aboard Todd, really looking forward to the improvements you’ll be able to contribute.

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Great to see @TParsons join the team! Probably a bit more skilled at Psychopy than me by now :slight_smile:

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