Integration with cardiac, skin response and respiration sensors


I’m new to Psychopy, so let me know if my query should be directed to another category.

I’m currently planning the budget to acquire new sensors for our laboratory, in the department of Psychology.

We already have a 64-channel EEG (actiChamp, brain products; quite old, but still functioning properly) and an eye-tracker (tobii pro fusion; of recent acquisition). To the best of my knowledge, this two can be synced with Psychopy, and the packages to do it are open and stable. Is that correct?

We want to acquire new sensors to measure galvanic skin response, respiration and heart rate variability (cardiac response). My first question is: Is there any package already developed and released to sync all these sensors with the aforementioned (EEG and Eyetracker)? If so, with which hardware? To buy new sensors, I would like to know if there is software specifically designed for a brand, or if it is generic and must be adapted to the particular setup. I want to buy new sensors knowing that are integrable with the other devices and Psychopy.

On the other hand, we also have two cameras to capture participants’ movements. Is there any package to unify this data with other sensors?

Thanks in advance,