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Installing Psychopy with Anaconda


I’m trying to install Psychopy using Anaconda3. As instructed on the website, I ran the command bellow:

conda config –add channels conda install -c erik psychopy conda create -n psychopyenv psychopy source activate psychopyenv

but this error pops up:

I also tried to install it from github, without result:

pip install git+git://

Any solution? Thank you


Please see this post:


Oh and regarding the error message: I think you’re not supposed to put all the commands into a single line!


Did you ever get this to work? I’m getting the same error message (OSX).


This seems to work (hiden in Richard’s post):


I came up the same case, and could not find the solution. Any solution would be appreciated.



[edited] that one is only for Python 2.7:

conda install -c cogsci psychopy

Overview here: