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Installing Psychopy with Anaconda

I’m trying to install Psychopy using Anaconda3. As instructed on the website, I ran the command bellow:

conda config –add channels conda install -c erik psychopy conda create -n psychopyenv psychopy source activate psychopyenv

but this error pops up:

I also tried to install it from github, without result:

pip install git+git://

Any solution? Thank you

Please see this post:

Oh and regarding the error message: I think you’re not supposed to put all the commands into a single line!

Did you ever get this to work? I’m getting the same error message (OSX).

This seems to work (hiden in Richard’s post):

I came up the same case, and could not find the solution. Any solution would be appreciated.


[edited] that one is only for Python 2.7:

conda install -c cogsci psychopy

Overview here:

Best way to go is to create a python 2.7 environment that can coexist with other python 3 environments:

conda create -n psychopyenv python=2.7

and then install psychopy through Erik’s or CogSci’s channel

conda install -c erik psychopy


conda install -c cogsci psychopy

at the time of writing this would install versions 1.80 (Erik) and 1.85 (cogsci), so the latter is preferred. If you would like to install directly from github the latest version, then install with

pip install git+git://

but ensure you’re in a Python2 environment !


While inside the psychopy (v3.0) environment, i select spyder (4.0.1, python 3.6):

(psychopy) C:\Users\currentUser>spyder

I get the following warning (?)
Attribute Qt::AA_UseSoftwareOpenGL must be set before QCoreApplication is created.

I’d like to ask what is the meaning of the above line, and how it might affect any trial to work with spyder.

I don’t know if it’s important detail, but i updated spyder inside the new psychopy environment and then launched it from the navigator. Spyder opens, but since i’m quite new to programming, i might not do something correct?


Hi @mamy, thus is just a warning that should be safe to ignore.

Thanks - it indeed seems that everything works ok with the scripts, but does anyone know why it’s there and what is the meaning?