Installation page should begin with installation of Python

I’m new to PsychoPy. I was installing for the first time on my new M1 MacBook Pro. The Installation page in documentation is friendly and clear. However, it omitted a crucial step. It needs a first paragraph explaining that Python is required before anything else will work, and it should have at least one link to an acceptable Python source. I’m installing PsychoPy to run remotely so I didn’t expect to need Python, and the stand-alone installer’s name implies that it’s complete. But it isn’t.

First I downloaded and installed the stand-alone installer. It ran fine, but the PsychoPy app opens with no windows and hardly any menus. There’s no error message and no way to do anything. I tried quitting and restarting. And deleting and reinstalling. No change.

Then I decided to do a manual install. It says I need Python, preferably 3.6. Huh? What brand? Where should I get it? I finally downloaded one from On a hunch, I then tried PsychoPy, and, bingo, it works. Good.

Not everyone installing PsychoPy has Python, please tell us have-nots, before the installations, that we need Python and where to get it.

Anyway, I like the documentation and the stand-alone installer. Very nice.
Denis Pelli

I think that there might have been another issue with your installation since installing Python separately isn’t normally a requirement.