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Install psychopy with anaconda

I am trying to configure a new psychopy environment in Anaconda. But the download link of the ‘environment file’ does not work for me. It doesn’t direct me to any downloading. And I am not using any ad blocker extension. Can anyone send me the ‘environment file’? Thanks in advance.

Hi Miao,

are you trying to create a new virtual environment? (You could check – and other resources)
I do not use anaconda (but maybe it is a similar procedure to install new packages), I select the environment that I created, activate it in bash, and install what I need (in bash, cd folder-with-my-python-environment; “source Scripts/activate” (without quotation marks); python pip install …).

OR if you use pycharm, you could go to settings - project - project interpreter, click on the gray wheel and on create conda environment (this works for 2016 pycharm community edition; you could install packages in a manner as I suggested before, I bet conda install would work).

Hope that helps! Best, Natalia

Hi Natalia,
Yes, i meant a very similar thing you mentioned. However, without the psychopy dependencies, i don’t think the installation works.
Here is the file i need: simply the environment file cannot be downloaded from my side.


the content of the file currently is:

name: psychopy
- conda-forge
- python=3.6
- psychopy
- pip
- pip:
  - psychtoolbox
  - pygame
  - pyo
  - pyparallel; platform_system != "Windows"
  - SoundFile; platform_system == "Windows"