Conda env create -n psychopy -f psychopy-env.yml

Hi, very sorry to chase on my own post from a few days ago. I have tried several times to install psychopy on my macbook pro running Mojave using:

conda env create -n psychopy -f psychopy-env.yml
The environment is created but when I activate it and then type psychopy to launch it, this gets stuck and won’t launch. It works for me using the Standalone version but I need to use the other type of installation so that I can use additional python libraries.
Thanks for your help on this!

Hi, just to let you know that I have made further tests, re-installing different version of anaconda using python3.7 and 3.6, and still did not manage to install psychopy by using “conda env create -n psychopy -f psychopy-env.yml](/t/conda-env-create-n-psychopy-f-psychopy-env-yml”…
the libraries are installed but then when i activate the env + type psychopy, nothing happens
I would appreciate your advise on this…Unfortunately the standalone version is of no use for me currently because I need to use additional python libraries.

just thought to post I’ve managed to install psychopy by using the Developers way but had to revert to psychopy-2020.1-2.3…something funny going on with the latest version.

I now managed to install the latest version this way

conda create -n psychopy

Downloaded source code and then:
pip install -e .

conda install

When running an experiment however, I get this message
“I don’t know the appropriate default value for a ‘tex’ parameter. Please email the mailing list about this error”