Conda psychopy-env.yml file on "install" page is out of date? How to get latest version from conda?

The psychopy-env.yml file downloadable from the installation page is out of date. It is set to use Python 3.6 and installs psychopy version: 2021.2.3.

>psychopy --version

PsychoPy3, version 2021.2.3 (c)Jonathan Peirce 2018, GNU GPL license


I’m new so I don’t know the best place to report this or if just changing the python dependency will install a newer version. But as the same page says:

This method should work on a range of versions of Python but we strongly recommend you use Python 3.8. Older Python versions are no longer being tested and may not work correctly…

So this seems to be a problem.

Worth mentioning, in case someone who can make changes to the website and wants to fix this ever reads this:

The “current” version of the Conda environment file is at:

but that is not what links from the installation page.

NB: This file still does not install psychopy 2022.2.5.

I will re-ask this question in a better way to see if I get an answer.