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Inconsistent frame rate

Hi all,

I run a PsychoPy-experiment (v. 1.83.01) on a Windows Computer. I set it up with the builder view and included hard code by inserting several code snippets. After running the Experiment I got the following message:

Running: C:\Users\sommeranwg\Desktop\Experiment2\

5.9120 WARNING Couldn’t measure a consistent frame rate.

  • Is your graphics card set to sync to vertical blank?
  • Are you running other processes on your computer?

7.3981 WARNING t of last frame was 1187.69ms (=1/0)
8.0919 WARNING t of last frame was 67.79ms (=1/14)
9.3802 WARNING t of last frame was 33.84ms (=1/29)

I looked in the Task Manager, but there were no other processes running.

I couldn’t check the other proposal for syncing to vertical blank,
because I don’t know what to do, where I have to look it up.

May anyone help me with a detailled description, what I have to do?
That would be great!

Thanks a lot.

Cheers Angelika

Hard to knwo without a lot more information about your experiment but, basically, either you need a simpler experiment (e.g. fewer stimuli) or a faster computer (e.g. better graphics card)