Inconsistencies in Recorded Fixations and Dwell Time PsychoPy x EyeLink

Dear PsychoPy community,

I have created a free-viewing paradigm in the PsychoPy Builder including an eye tracking connection to an EyeLink 1000.
I am recording the number of fixations and the dwell time of two areas of interest, that are saved in the PsychoPy .csv file and the EyeLink data file (.edf). However, the recorded fixations and times differ between these two files. I did not find a solution so far and was wondering, whether anyone has encountered a similar issue and/or has found a solution for this problem.
I thought that this may be related to a timing issue (e.g., because the trial information is saved in the .csv file during each trial (trials are presented within a loop)).

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance and all the best