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Incomplete Log Files in Pavlovia

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I have been successfully running an online study and collecting data since July, but since September 1st it appears that not all information is stored in the .csv log files of completed experiments.
In particular, the log files systematically do not show which stimulus (image and sound) was presented to the participant.
I have not encountered this before and have not changed anything to the experiment.

1- Does this have anything to do with the new version of Psychopy and should I take any necessary actions to make sure that the log files are complete again?
2- Is there any way to retrieve the information for the completed experiments other than .csv files that may show me which stimulus was presented?

We’ll look into it right away

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Hello @tjl,

May I check with you whether the issue was solved after the discussion on this thread: Pavlovia: Session file variables not transferred to log file for last participants (first observed Sept, 2, 2019) ?


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Dear @apitiot . I just followed the instructions as indicated by you (modifying the head of the experiment.js file and using the 3.1.0 version of the library) and the log files seem to be in order again! Thank you very much.

Splendid news!
Best of luck with your experiment.

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