Issue retrieving participant data

URL of experiment: Attentional_Template_Study [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: Hi, I just collected data for my study several days ago, and a large proportion of the data was missing in different patterns. To clarify, results were saved in database format, the save incomplete results option was on, most participants using Google Chrome. In addition, all participants were directed to Prolific for completion code, and all of them provided the code.

  1. 50% of participants did not have their data in the database, but most of them had a log file. I could use the log file to retrieve lost data, but the log file does not contain information regarding participant’ prolific ID (stored in experiment session variable), so I have to ask the participant for it or manually tracing them using recorded timestamps in Prolific/Qualtrics/Vespr app (developed by Wakefield)/Pavlovia.

  2. At least 2 participants did not have either the log file or included in the database.

I’ve used the same routine (Prolific → Qualtrics → Vespr → Pavlovia → Prolific) without any issue, and wonder what could go wrong this time. If all participants were able to provide Prolific completion code, I thought that they’ve correctly exited the experiment and there should be no problem with data saving process? (I tried to avoid thinking that the completion code was leaked)

In short, I’ve 2 main questions:

  1. Why was the log file being saved for some participants? Or what is the condition to create the log file?
  2. Are there any way to retrieve the pavlovia URL that participants used in the study?

Hope to get some answers soon and thank you all in advance!

Where you have a log file I would expect corresponding data in the all participants CSV file. From the log file you might be able to tell how far they got into the experiment. Did they exit at the start? Do you redirect to Prolific on incomplete?

Hi wakefield,

As I mentioned, more than 50% have a log file but not the csv/database file. From the log file I could confirm that even participants who do not have the csv file had completed the experiment.

Yes, I do redirect to Prolific on incomplete but did not give them the completion code.