Incomplete data files (CSV)

URL of experiment: Categorization2 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: When I piloted the study and completed all trials, the data receipt only contained about 15 of the 180 total trial data. I then changed the study to running and once again completed the study and ended up with the same result. Im not sure if this is a Pavlovia server issue? or a study completion problem? or a CSV file problem? but if anyone knows why the data is not in complete form, I would really appreciate some aid.


dou you mind to psot your *.psyexp file and your condition file here?

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Categorization2.psyexp (1.2 MB)
Here is the psyexp file and this study currently does not operate with a condition file (unless I’m confused about what file you’re asking?)

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I’ve just opened your psyexp file and it doesn’t have any loops – just lots of near identical copies of the same trial.

I would recommend that you create a conditions file containing the pertinent information about each trial and then use a loop. You can set it to sequential if you don’t want to randomise the order.

Do you know if this will this fix my data collection issue?

Thank you guys again for your time.

Yes it is likely to fix your data collection issue. At the moment you must be getting an incredibly wide data file (or you would be if you were getting all of your data). You should instead have only a dozen or so columns and 180 rows.

Do you have an example conditions file that pertains to my study so I can get the grammar right in setting up my column and rows. If not thanks anyways for your time.

Please could you describe what components you have in your routines and what is different about them in your different routines.

The principle is that, for example, if you have a text component that contains the word dog in one routine and cat in another the you can replace dog with $Item and put dog and cat in a column called Item in your spreadsheet.

If the correct answer is ‘y’ for dog and ‘n’ for cat in a keyboard component then you can replace ‘y’ with $corrAns in your keyboard component and put y and n in a column called corrAns in your spreadsheet.

Each routine begins with a text/term (e.g., bird, cat, furniture) and then immediately followed by an image that either corresponds to the term or doesn’t. When the image presents itself the subject either presses spacebar for match (i.e., the word matches the image) or m for false match (i.e., the word doesn’t match the image). Therefore the correct answer for each routine depends on whether the word matches the image.

So the differences between routines consist of: Images, terms and correct answer.

Sounds like three columns.

For the ImageFile column give the relative path.

If I wanted to adjust each image’s width and height can I create column to specify each? and also does it follow the same grammar found in the builder (e.g., (0.5, 0.5))?