"ImageStim is not an image" error

URL of experiment: ExSense_order_a [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: During the second half of my experiment, I am getting an error that “Image stim… is not an image”. I don’t get this error for literally any of my other stimuli, whether they are pngs or jpgs. The stimulus is a clear png and is supposed to just be a blank black screen. I have tried making sure the filepath is right, linking the image to a path in a csv, linking the image directly to the filepath itself, having no filepath at all, having a polygon instead of an image stim, making sure the stim is in the html folder… literally nothing has worked. I think it has to be some kind of an error with Pavlovia and I can’t figure it out.

It looks like you are using the name of the image component when you should be using the name of the image file.

If I may ask, where are you seeing that? In this version of the experiment, I put the filepath in the GUI where it says “image”. I have also gotten an error when I linked it to a variable in a csv.

Did you use the same variable name in your Excel file as the name of a component?

Your error message of x is not an image is supposed to give the file name of the file that isn’t an image.

No, my component names, variable names, and file names are all different from each other. The component is called no_US_ and the variable in the csv is called no_US. I also get this error when I use the direct filepath to an empty png instead of to a variable in a csv. :confused:

Ah yes, I do know this one.

Underscores at the end of variable names get ignored. One for my new crib sheet. Edit: it was already there.