Strange ImageStim Error that won't go away

URL of experiment: Sign in · GitLab Pavlovia

Description of the problem:

After converting my images from .bmp files to .png files to speed up download, I got the following error:

Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

  • when setting the image of ImageStim: stimulus_2
  • the argument: ImageStim( name=image, win=Window( name=Window, fullscr=true, color=#ffffff, ~), autoDraw=null, autoLog=true, units=height, ori=null, opacity=1, pos=[0,0.2], size=[0.8,0.6], image={}, mask=undefined, color=#ffffff, contrast=1, texRes=128, interpolate=true, depth=-2, flipHoriz=null, flipVert=null ) is not an image" }


I tried creating a new conditions file as suggested here: Error in online experiment - #6 by dvbridges and got the same error. This was the first practice round, so I removed it and tested with just the second and third practices, and received the same error for the ImageStim on those. I have other .png files in the experiment (and in others) and they work just fine.

What is causing the error here? Thank you in advance.

Just as some more information for the issue, when I switched back to .bmp today the error persisted.