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Hi everyone!
In my experiment, two present boxes are supposed to appear on the left and right of the screen alongside a response cue in the centre of the screen. The participant has to click one of the two boxes. The response cue is then replaced by a fixation cross for a variable period of time. Then the correct image that they should have clicked (‘PRACTcorrectImg’) is shown in the centre of the screen for 2 seconds. The boxes should appear at the beginning of the trial (0.0) and disappear once the ‘PRACTcorrectImg’ has disappeared.

Here’s the image component for the blue present box:

Note: the position of the box present boxes is determined using an excel file. This is so that box boxes appear on the left and right of the screen an equal number of times.

What do I need to do to make the present boxes show up onscreen?

Thank you!

Hi There,

Please can I check - do the images show when you run the task locally in psychopy? or is it that they don’t present both locally and when you try online?


Hi Becca,

Thank you for your reply. The images show up when I run the task locally, but they don’t show up when I run the task online.

ok curious - and if you open the developer console do you get any errors?

how you open that console will vary depending on platform but see here PsychoPy Python to Javascript crib sheet

No error messages that I can see, just warning messages.

Closer look:

My two image stimuli are ‘PRACTblue’ and ‘PRACTred’ for the practice trials and ‘blue’ and ‘red’ for the main trials.

Oddly, it’s only the two present boxes that don’t show up. All other image stimuli is fine.

Found the solution here: How to code image position in Pavlovia

I needed to put the X and Y coordinates into separate columns in my excel file.

great - pleased you found a solution :slight_smile:

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