Image sequences depending on response

Does anyone have an idea how i might achieve the following in Builder?
The attached Excel file is a list of stimuli ($objects). The $object_code column is simply an index for every stimulus. The neighbor columns (1-3) are more stimuli presented along with whatever objects stimulus in the corresponding row. The neighbors will be options such that participants can click on neighbor1, neighbor2, or neighbor3.

For example, if the stimulus from the objects column is row2 in the excel sheet, then the neighbor stimuli are objects corresponding to indices 16, 2, and 4. If they click on neighbor1, the next object stimulus is 16, along with the neighbors in the corresponding row.

I hope this makes sense!
objects_list.xlsx (9.2 KB)

This sounds very like my interactive fiction experiments. I preload the spreadsheet (in a similar way to my independent randomisation demo) so that during the main trials loop I can easily access any row.