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Randomly selecting from rows

Hi Everyone,

I am working on audio experiment, however I have run into some trouble in terms of the functionality in using builder for Psychopy.
I have created a conditions file on excel containing my audio stimuli that looks something like this:

soundsA       soundsB       soundsC .....
sound1        sound1        sound1
sound2        sound2        sound2

The sound1 in each column is a distinct audio file, however for all intents and purposes if one of them is chosen the others should not be called upon. Essentially, I just want to randomly select a row, once a sitmuli is chosen from that row, that particular row can’t be called upon again for the next X amount of trials.
Is this something that is possible using builder? So far it seems like builder is only able to randomize stimuli based on the columns in excel.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

  1. Builder randomises based on rows, not columns.
  2. You need to describe exactly what you want to achieve in terms of your stimulus randomisation for us to able (hopefully) to let you know how to achieve it.