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I'm trying to upload a new experiment, but it is updating a previous one

I modified my script from a previous experiment. I saved it with a new name. However, when I press the button to run the study online, it is just updating the online study from before instead of creating a new one.

Any advice?

That’s because you’re still in the same project, so it’s just recording a name change and updating it online. To start a new project, you need to move it to a different folder and then sync.

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Great, thank you! (Just to be sure, you meant a different folder on my computer right? This is what worked.)

Yep, a different folder on your computer :slight_smile: When you sync, it creates some git files in the same folder as your experiment - it’s these files which let PsychoPy know what project to sync to, not the psyexp file, so moving to a different folder means there’s no git files nearby and so no linked project.

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