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Changing Project From Within Builder (to Git)

Hello all,

I am running into an issue with trying to sync to different projects. In particular, I could in PsychoPy (currently 3.1.5) and after making the appropriate modifications to a .psyexp file, I am unable to get the file to sync to the correct folder.

I think I am experiencing some issue with how my version of PsychoPy accesses Git. For example - the project is saved in a folder on my desktop with dozens of stimuli, however when I try to sync, PsychoPy reports that there are thousands of files to be uploaded - I think it is trying to access my desktop.

Any advice on how to address this and how to manually instruct which git project PsychoPy should sync to?

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

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Hi @Laur_R, is your experiment on your desktop? If so, I would recommend:

  • close down PsychoPy
  • move your experiment files into their own folder (also move the hidden .git folder)
  • move the folder to somewhere other than the desktop, such as your user folder, but ensure that the parent directory is not a git repository
  • reopen and try to sync your project

If this fails, I would:

  • close down PsychoPy
  • delete the .git folder in your experiment folder
  • delete the online repository at
  • Reopen PsychoPy and start again, creating a new project on Pavlovia

Yes, it might also be that your experiment is in a folder but that there was previously a study on the desktop. That would have left a hidden .git folder that needs removing. git doesn’t easilly support projects within projects so a folder on the desktop, when the desktop is already considered a project, would just be consumed by that desktop one! Sorry, I know that’s confusing, but it’s what we have to work with!

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