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I want to reset my computer but I have an experiment running on Pavlovia

Hello everyone, as the title says, I have an experiment running on Pavlovia but I kind of need to reset my computer soon. Would it disrupt my experiment, can I do that?
Thanks in advance.

What do you mean by running?
What do you mean by reset?

I’m tempted to say. “No, why would you think that?” which is why I’m wanting to check.

  1. I am recruiting participants from an experiment that is on running mode in Pavlovia.
  2. I’ll try to save my documents but I don’t know if that’ll help cause my computer keeps turning off for no reason recently and I don’t know how much of a reset will be needed.

No as in “No, it won’t be a problem.” or no as in “No way, you can’t do that.”?

Pavlovia is a website and data files are saved on the site so your computer is not needed. You will need a computer to download the data but any one will do so long as you have your password (or can receive an email password reminder)