Can a participant restart a Pavlovia task where they left off or will they have to restart the entire task?


Our lab is in the process of building a task to host on Pavlovia. Can someone please clarify what happens if someone does most, but not all, of a task, and then gets interrupted… Would the person have to start the entire task over again or could they go back where they left off?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

By interrupted do you mean a crash or that they might elect to take a break?

I can imagine a setup where you can skip to the end and are given a code so when you try again you can choose to skip the beginning.

Hi wakecarter,

Thanks for the info. I was thinking more so if the participant takes a break and then they want to come back to the task and resume where they left off.

How long a break? Could they just leave the experiment running?