I need help (Loop with editable Textboxes)

Hey, all of you. This is my first post in this forum, so if anything is missing, just let me know…

I use Windows 10 and the version 2021.2.3
Trying just to make it work on my own laptop, not online yet.

I am currenttly tring to make my experiment going, where people see a picture and then have to type in specific letters in nine different textboxes.
I created a loop and it worked.

Then I created another loop (for test purposes for the test subjects) and I did exactly the same things, but now the loop doesn’t work. The textboxes are only editable the first trial, whereas they’re not editable anymore in all the other trials.

I’ve searched for help here, and found only the recommendation of adding a textbox.refresh()-component into the “Begin Routine” Tab of the routine.
However, now my experiment just ends, when this routine should start and I get this error:
"Traceback (most recent call last):

  • File “[…]”, line 941, in *
  • T_Box_1.refresh()*
    AttributeError: ‘TextBox2’ object has no attribute ‘refresh’"

Can anybody help me?
Best wishes