I dont get all the info from my pavlovia survey?

for some unknown reason the pavlovia does not get me all the questions I need but also I cant control what I downlod! does someone know why the pavlovia might dont gove some details and also how to control what info I got in the survey I can downlod?

Do you have multiple blocks?

Question names need to be unique across blocks.

I do have multiple blocks (didnt give different name but did give different titles). i dont know what is saved from the data since diffrent blockes have the same title. any way to see the entire data or to understand what of the data was actully saved?

Please run a test to see which data is getting saved and which data is missing.

we downlowd the data but we dont know what is what since the pavlovia gave the same numbers in different blocks so we cant tell what was chosen to be saved

I think you have to check your experiment settings to ensure all questions are correctly set up and included. Make sure you are using the latest version of Pavlovia. Review the download options to ensure you are selecting the correct data to download. Check the experiment logs for any errors or missing data issues.