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I cannot get a functional version of Psychopy to install correctly on OS 10.13.6

Feeling helpless with the right version of Psychopy and my operating system. No problems on Windows 10, but I work on a MAC and I cannot find any simple set of instructions…please can someone help me?

Can you be more specific about the problem? I assume you’ve downloaded the .dmg file for version 1.90.3 and run it - what happens when you do that?

Hi Mark, Yes, of course. I am using the Examiner which calls for using

**on Mac OS X **

  1. Download from /EXAMINER 3.6/Software/OSX/Tasks/Psychopy directory of the EXAMINER battery distribution.

  2. Install PsychoPy by opening the dmg file (disk image) and dragging to your

Applications folder.

  1. If needed, additional installation instructions for PsychoPy are located at

  2. Ensure that the installation works by running the PsychoPy2 application.

  3. PsychoPy will automatically alert the user to updates that are available (as shown in the screenshot below). Select Later and perform a manual upgrade.a. To perform a manual upgrade, select PsychoPy Updates from the Tools menu.

b. Choose the option to use a zip file, and browse to select the located in the /EXAMINER 3.6/Software/OSX/Tasks/Psychopy folder of the EXAMINER battery distribution.

c. Click the Install button and restart PsychoPy.

**Run the EXAMINER Computer Tasks **

Before running the EXAMINER computer tasks, first configure the tasks as described above (this only needs to be done the first time the tasks are run).

  1. Open the PsychoPy application

*If PsychoPy opens in builder view, change to coder view (*open coder view from the view *menu) *

*I had gone previously all the way until it asked me for the HERE: And this never worked

I’m not familiar with the “Examiner” (is this a repository for psych software?). Why not try downloading it straight from this site? It installs like any other Mac software (just double click on the .dmg file once it’s downloaded and drag and drop the PsychoPy icon into your applications folder).
The issue may be the age of version you’re downloading, it’s very out of date and so there may be a compatibility issue with the latest OS X version.
Simplest thing to do:
Go to
Scroll down until you find the link for StandalonePsychoPy2-1.90.3-MacOS.dmg
Click the link to download, then install as you would any other Mac software.
Good luck,

Just to further what @Mark_Scott said, current versions of PsychoPy can emulate older versions for the purpose of running an experiment. For example, in a Builder experiment, click the “Experiment settings” button and select a previous version number from the “Use PsychoPy version” popup menu.

Note that 1.73 is very old (6.5 years at this point), so the useVersion feature doesn’t reach quite that far back, but it does go to 1.76, which hopefully won’t be too far off.