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HTML file and psyexp file different

I recently made changes to a text block in the builder and pushed them online. This worked fine and I could modify the text in the builder

When I opened my project today I wanted to modify that text and found that it was missing from my text block. I checked the experiment online and it was working fine. I synced and everything is up to date.

What happened is that my psyexp file had an old version of the text, while the HTML version had the text I wanted to see. This means that if I want to edit this text I have to copy and paste the text in the HTML file (that I can view on GitHub) into the text box.

This is a pretty easy fix but this problem has happened to me a lot before (Downloading project from git with JS in builder).

Is there a way to sync the psyexp file with the HTML file?


I’m not sure I understand what you are doing. If you make an edit to a text component in Builder and then sync, it changes the js files online, not index.html. I believe any changes you make directly to the js files will be lost when you next sync, but I’m not sure why you would want to do that for a text component.

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