Troubleshooting codes in pavlovia

I have a basic question! When we upload a .psyexp file to pavlovia and it doesn’t work, we need to make changes to our code. Now I want to know how can we make this change!?
1- changing the code component in our builder view and sync it to pavlovai
2- going to view code> html > changing js code
3- changing the .psyexp code in pavlovia
Another thing I’ve noticed is that when i change my code in builder view, I don’t see these changes in the .psyexp file in pavlovia! why is that?
Any detailed response is appreciated.


well, it depends but I guess most people make local changes, sync them back and that’s it. You don’t want to change code locally and on-line. When syncing, PsychoPy aka git shows you how many changed files it detected and are staged to sync before syncing.

When you go to view code, you see which files where synced either by looking at the time they have been synced or by looking at the comment you gave when syncing again.

Best wishes Jens

Thanks @JensBoelte . Just one question: running the experiment online is based on xx.js or xx-legacy-browser.js?
I want to know if we want to manipulate codes in pavlovia, which one of these is the file to be changed.

I strongly recommend not making edits to the is file directly.

However, most browsers will use the default not the legacy version