How to upload an experiment from LABJS to pavlovia - doubt with database

Hi all! I am new to Pavlovia, I have been working on the LABJS platform, and now I wanted to upload my experiment to Pavlovia for piloting but I can’t find a way to upload it to this platform. I added at the beginning of my experiment in LABJS the codes that are in this link:
But I can’t find the option to upload the experiment. In addition, I am already aware that I must buy a license or credit to perform the full experiment, but for now I want to know how the platform works.
And finally, I wanted to know how the data is collected from the participants, since it is important that I can review the responses of the study participants.

Thank you very much for your answers!

Hi There,

Whilst I have not used labJS myself hopefully this might be some useful info :slight_smile:

  1. Here is some info on linking your labjs to pavlovia
  2. To try out the platform you can run in “pilot” mode (no licence/credit needed). This will allow you to pilot your study works through the platform and also downloads a pilot .csv file of hte data output for you to check out.
  3. For the data storage, piloting provides a .csv downloadable file, but when proberly running the data will save on your gitlab repository as soon as the participant completes your task (you can manually select on your experiment page if incomplete datasets also save)

Hope this helps a bit :slight_smile: