Use Javascript task on Pavlovia

URL of experiment: not created yet

Description of the problem: I have a javascript, standalone version of a task that can run on a desktop. I want to use Pavlovia to host this task, so that participants can complete it remotely, without downloading the standalone version to their computer. Am I able to do this on Pavlovia?

Thank you!


Hi Kelly,

Yes, that’s possible. This thread might be of help?

Best, Thomas

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Hello Thomas,

Thank you for sending along this thread! I believe I am currently stuck at a more initial step than this thread addresses. I am newly familiar with github and pavlovia. I have only ever pushed experiments from PsychoPy to Pavlovia. I guess I am wondering How I would start the upload of the javascript file and stimuli to Pavlovia to create the experiment.



Hey Kelly,

Once you created an account with Pavlovia, you will have access to Pavlovia Git. Then, you can create a new project, and upload all your JS codes over there. Shortly, in your Pavlovia dashboard, your new project will show up. The only thing is that I haven’t find a way to upload folders, so as for now I have to upload files and create directory one by one.

Hope this helps.


Good point @XXXiV-QN about not being able to git track empty directories. The reason is that git(1) itself, the distributed version control system powering Pavlovia’s GitLab instance under the hood, only deals with files. A common workaround if you would like to add seemingly empty folders in your repository is to place a hidden .gitkeep or .keep file in it. Please let me know if you have more questions about staging your project @hiersche08, here to help, s.

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URL to experiment:

I was able to upload my javascript files, picture stimuli, etc. When trying to run the task I got a 403 Forbidden error. As I am not very familiar with javascript, I tried to troubleshoot, but was unsuccessful. Any advice or help would be appreciated! I set the task to internal.


I have the same problem! I started a topic on it: 403 forbidden error when trying to run experiment (Pavlovia, JSPysch)

Hi @hiersche08, could you try renaming your index_down_mobilized_standalone.html to just index.html and try again? Thanks, s.

That worked! Thank you so much!!!

No prob, x