How to skip blank information in Excel when the blank information is at the beginning of a sentence

Want to skip blank information in Excel (blank information is represented by NA).

Thank you for everyone’s help.

Does it currently display N/A?

You could use a space instead of N/A in your spreadsheet. The alternative is to have a code component that copies the contents of each column into a corresponding variable or sets it as blank when the spreadsheet== “N/A”

Thank you for your response.
Yes,it currently display N/A.
The effect I want is to skip the time of N/A, and at the same time, the presentation time of each stimulus and the time of blank are equal. Using the space key instead will make the blank time between stimuli longer.
Currently, the situation with the materials is that their starting positions are different and their ending positions are also different

You could avoid using a code component by adding columns for the start times of each text component into the spreadsheet.