Numbers in an array to come up one by one

Hi there, I’m trying to generate a running memory span task, where a list ends unpredictably and the last few items are to be recalled. And I don’t know how to make the numbers in a list to appear one by one, rather than the whole list. Do I need to make a different cell for each number in excel and then create a code for skipping the empty cells ( for example, if there is 6 numbers in one set and 8 in another, then i’ll have to empty cells for the 6 set). Or can I just generate a code for the numbers to come out one by one ?
Thanks in advance

I haven’t really thought this through, but maybe something along the lines of Michael’s answer to this question might help?:


Hi Jan,
Thank you and sorry for the late reply. I did figure it out, I just put the numbers in different cells and timed them, however, as there are different list sizes (one might include 6 digits and the other 10) this leaves some of the excel cells empty. I’m indicating the end of the list by the word ‘end’, however, the empty cells appear after that on screen as ‘default text’. Do you know how to tell the program to skip empty cells or not to read the columns after ‘end’.
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Same problem, did you figure out how to tell the program to skip cells?