How to show marker on a visual.RatingScale

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I was wondering if there is a way to make a marker show up on a rating scale before a mouse click is made.

Here is the relevant line of code:

visual.RatingScale(win, low = 0, high = 100, acceptKeys='space', mouseOnly = True, tickHeight = 0, markerStart=50, disappear = False, singleClick=False, showAccept=False, stretch=1.356, pos=(-0.48,0.09), markerColor='white', marker = 'circle', lineColor = 'clear', textColor = 'clear')

Currently, the marker is not visible before a click is made, despite the fact that ‘markerStart’ is set to 50 (middle). Below is a screenshot of what this scale looks like (see the upper scale on the image).

I would like for it to look like this (see the picture below). However, currently, it only appears after a mouse is clicked.

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Hopefully the response to this post might also be helpful here! shows how to achieve this online and offline. Multiple handle slider - #5 by Becca


Hi @Becca,

Thank you for this link- really helpful to see!

Apologies if I am missing this in your code (and if so, please point me to the correct line), but I was wondering if there is a way to identify when participants do not make a response at all but just click through the scales (i.e., confirm their responses without clicking)?

Currently, when I do not make responses but just select a confirm key I get a default rating (e.g., 100) on the output. Is there a way to identify when responses have not been made?

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Hi There,

If you want to check if the participant moved the slider from default I believe it would work to add a variable that changes to True after thisRating1 = slider1._markerPos; i.e.

Begin Routine tab:

ratingGiven = false

Each Frame tab:

    if (typeof slider1._markerPos !== 'undefined') {
        thisRating1 = slider1._markerPos;
        ratingGiven = true
            slider1.refresh()//refresh the visual stim to consider the rating

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