Multiple handle slider

Hello everyone,

I’m not much of a coder so I wanted to check in to see if what I’m looking for is even possible before I attempt it.

I was wondering if it’s possible to have a slider with multiple handles on PsychoPy, like so: Multi-handle range slider widget for PyQt/PySide | PythonRepo

Additionally, I wanted to know if this would also run online with pavlovia?

Basically, what I need is for participants to be able to mark a range on a slider, such that they can control its size and location.

Hopefully the question is clear.

Thanks in advance,

What would be the use case for more than two handles?

I would probably do this be adapting my interactive slider code rather than trying to use the slider component itself.

What should happen if someone clicks on the slider but not on a handle? I’m guessing this would work as a drag and drop where the y (or x) coordinate of the handle is fixed.


Thanks for your reply!

I should have been clearer - I would only ever require two handles.

As for your other question, ideally, the only interactive parts of the slider would be the two handles. Assuming a horizontal slider, I would just need the two handles to move freely on the X plane.

At some point I might add a double-handled slider to my interactive slider demo, but I’m afraid it’s not a priority at the moment.

I would suggest using two sliders next to one another to give the appearance of one bar. Then use the difference in ratings to modify a range bar. Like this