How to set image appearance 600ms before the noun in audio track?

Hi! I am doing an RTs measuring experiment with images and audio.

PsychoPy version – v.2022.2.5

I need to set the image stimuli appearance to 600 ms before the noun onset in a short auditory sentence (e.g. “She has read the BOOK”, so the images should be presented 600 ms before ‘book’). But I cannot figure out how to do in the builder. I guess I would have to mark the start in the audio file somehow and then use this mark in PsychoPy but I could not find how to do it.

Just in case, I am using Audacity to record the sentences and have each sentence in a separate .wav

Thank you for your help!

To start with you’ll need to manually check the onset of the nouns in Audacity and then add those numbers to a column in your spreadsheet of sentence file names. Then it’s just a case of playing about with onset times.

Thank you so much for your reply! I am afraid, I am still lost (I am very-very new to psychopy). Do I add a new column in the spreadsheet next to the sentence name column with the timing of the noun onset in each sentence and then somehow sync the timing in this column with the image presentation? If that’s the case, could you please explain how I can do that? Or maybe there is an example illustrating the case?
Thank you again!

A colleague has helped me. It is, probably, what you meant. I created a new column with the onset timing and then added ‘starting time’ in the builder as $onset (name of the column). It seems to work!