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How to open .res files on Mac?

Hi guys, I am using the code for WCST from here and after completion of the experiment I get .res files. Do you know how I can either open these files on Mac or, probably, make changes in the code, so that answers are saved in .csv orsomething like this?

Many thanks in advance!

That isn’t really a question about psychopy. @simkovic wrote the script you’re pointing to has simply decided called the file *.res but the contents of the file are in tab-delimited format. You could open them in a spreadsheet like excel

Thank you very much @jon! I think @simkovic code does not contain anything that would save results at all, does it? So it seems that I will need to write the part about saving results by myself. Would you have any advice on this task (being writing the part that saves performance)?

Um, yes, it does. You said yourself that, at the end of the experiment there are .res files. Those are results. I don’t understand. Did you try opening one in a spreadsheet?